PG&E Tower Painting Program

PG&E cares about the health and safety of our customers, employees and the environment. That's why we are ending the use of lead-based paint on our electric transmission towers and recoating our towers with a non-lead-based paint.

About the Project

The Tower Painting Program is one part of PG&E's efforts to create a safer and more environmentally responsible infrastructure.

As part of our commitment to using safer materials, we have inspected all 46,000 transmission towers across our service area. Approximately 6,000 towers were identified to have lead-based paint, which in many cases is peeling. Regardless of their condition, PG&E is recoating all lead-based painted towers with a non-lead-based paint.

Since the program began, we have recoated approximately 1,500 towers, including almost all towers located near homes, schools and parks. Based on our current plan, we anticipate this work to be complete in the next five years.

What to expect if a tower near you requires repainting

We are committed to partnering with our customers and communities to ensure they are completely informed about this maintenance work. Important details you should know include:

  • Safety measures will be in place at all times and this work is being done by trained workers using specialized equipment.
  • We will take clearances or de-energize transmission lines to help ensure this work is performed safely and quickly.
  • This work will not affect customers' electric service in any way.
  • We will personally contact customers, in advance, to minimize any inconvenience or disruption.
  • Customers will not need to be present during this work.
  • Property owners will not incur any out-of-pocket expenses related to this program.
  • Typically, the recoating of a tower will take three to five days.

Learn more

We're available to answer questions, address concerns and minimize inconvenience and disruptions. If you have questions about this work or a specific tower in your neighborhood, please contact us at 1-888-208-6010 or email us at