PG&E is committed to the safety of the communities it serves and is working every day to enhance gas pipeline safety throughout northern and central California.

Community pipeline safety initiative

Ensuring safe access to the pipeline for first responders in an emergency or natural disaster.

Pipeline inspection

PG&E uses cutting-edge technology to inspect its nearly 7,000 miles of gas transmission and 42,000 miles of gas distribution pipelines.

Automated safety valve upgrades

Valve automation improves PG&E's ability to quickly shut off the flow of gas in the event of a significant change in pressure.

Pipeline replacement

PG&E has replaced 2,270 miles of its cast iron and steel gas distribution pipe, leading to fewer leaks—good for safety and the environment.


PG&E regularly surveys its 70,000-square mile service area by foot, vehicle, air and even by boat.

High-tech gas safety tools

Building on its efforts to enhance pipeline safety, PG&E has been an industry leader in supporting new technology.

General Business

Gas In-Line-Inspection stations

PG&E's preferred method of inspecting our natural gas pipelines helps us identify issues quickly and efficiently to keep our customers safe.