Project study area overview map

Central California Power Connect will benefit California's Central Coast and Central Valley communities, which includes Santa Maria, San Luis Obispo and Arroyo Grande.

We will continue to update the map as the project plans are refined and community feedback is incorporated. Check back soon for updates.


This proposed project will include building a new substation, a new 230 kV transmission line and new 115 kV transmission lines, connecting and looping the new lines to the new substation and other existing substations in the project area.

Proposed project breakdown

  • Construct a new approximately 70-to-100-mile-long 230 kV transmission line from the existing Midway Substation located near Buttonwillow, CA
  • Construct a new 230/115 kV substation, potentially to be located near Santa Maria, CA
  • Connect the new 230 kV line into the new substation
  • Construct and connect a new 115 kV line to the new substation from the existing Divide Substation