Learn more about the Mobile Home Park (MHP) Utility Conversion Program

The Mobile Home Park (MHP) Utility Conversion Program is a statewide effort designed to enhance public safety and reliability by upgrading existing gas and electric systems at mobile home parks.

These newer meter systems will deliver Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) services directly to park residents. As part of this statewide effort, PG&E and other California utilities will install individual meters at each mobile home to deliver gas and/or electricity directly to mobile home park residents. The goal is to upgrade 50 percent of California’s MHP spaces by the end of 2030.

Program benefits

  • Enhanced public safety and more efficient and reliable gas and electric service. PG&E will install and maintain its upgraded gas and/or electric system up to and including the meter at each individual unit, increasing safety and reliability.
  • Access to cost-saving programs. If you would like to participate in our cost savings and energy efficiency programs, please ask our representative when you call to create your new required meter account.
  • Account set-up. Our representative will help set up your account after your new meter has been installed. We will waive customer credit checks and service deposits for residents setting up new required accounts under the program.
  • Improved customer service, support and access to online savings tools. You will have access to a PG&E online account where you can view your energy usage history, pay your bill and access energy savings tools. You can also contact us directly for any questions about your energy use.

This program is designed to:

  • Enhance public safety at mobile home parks.
  • Ensure your mobile home has more efficient and reliable gas and electric service.
  • Replace your aging energy system with a newer system installed and maintained by PG&E.
  • Provide direct PG&E energy services, improved customer service, and access to online savings tools.

For more information

To learn more about the MHP Utility Conversion Program, download the resources below.

MHP Utility Conversion Program brochure in English (PDF, 446 KB)

CPUC’s Frequently Asked Questions

Contact PG&E


Contact CPUC

Email: MHPUtilityUpgradeProgram@cpuc.ca.gov
Call: 1-800-755-1447

To access the CPUC MHP Utility Conversion Program, visit: Mobile home Park Utility Conversion Program.