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Residential Storage Initiative

For a limited time, PG&E is partnering with Richard Heath & Associates (RHA) to install a battery storage system in your home for free. The installation is valued at over $10,000. This offer is for a limited time and while battery supplies last.



What is the Residential Storage Initiative?


We know how difficult it is to be without power. That's why PG&E is taking steps to reduce the burden of outages on customers and communities. Through the Residential Storage Initiative, we are providing permanent back-up battery systems, free of charge, to support specific customers who are most vulnerable to power outages.


We expect some areas will experience more frequent outages due to climate change and weather. We’ve installed Enhanced Safety Power Settings (EPSS) on power lines in high-risk areas to reduce weather-related ignitions and help keep customers safe. EPSS outages last approximately 3-5 hours. A free home battery through the Residential Storage Initiative should provide power to your important circuits and appliances through an average outage.


What is a battery storage system?

For a limited time, eligible customers can have a battery storage system (10-13 kWh) installed in their homes at no cost (valued at over $10,000). Battery storage can:

  • Store energy from the grid, so you can use it anytime during an outage.
  • Extend your home’s electrical power for 3-5 hours during an outage. Depending on your energy use, it should provide enough power for the duration of most outages that occur in your area.

How the program works


Step 1 – Outreach & Prequalification
The RHA staff will perform outreach to PG&E’s specified customer list and conduct a survey to determine prequalification status.


Step 2 – Site Assessments
If a customer pre-qualifies for the program, RHA subcontractors will schedule Site Assessments to validate survey responses and identify up to four to five circuits for the battery to support during an outage. A field technician will assess the customer’s property and electrical panel(s) to determine battery location, document meter information, and collect any other relevant documentation. This could include documentation for the Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) if your project is deemed eligible.


important notice icon Note: Be sure to let RHA know if your home has Solar.


Step 3 – Permitting
Obtaining permits to install the battery may take several weeks or more, depending on the workload of the local permitting office. Once electrical design is complete, RHA will apply for a permit and keep the customer informed of timelines.


Step 4 – Installation & Final Inspection 
The installation itself will require work performed in the home’s electrical panel to connect the battery to pre-selected circuits.The installation will take 1-2 full workdays to perform. RHA subcontractors will schedule an inspection within a week of completed installation, contingent on Inspector’s schedule.


Step 5 – Interconnection & Permission to Operate
The PG&E Interconnection team reviews all new battery storage and solar projects to safely interconnect energy storage systems to the PG&E electric grid. RHA drafts an Interconnection application (customer signature required) and pays a fee on behalf of the customer prior to battery installation. When the final inspection is approved, PG&E will grant Permission to Operate. Use of battery storage system after installation is not permitted until Permission to Operate is granted.

Who manages the Residential Storage Initiative program?


PG&E is your utility company providing electricity

We are taking strides to prevent wildfires and support customer resiliency throughout our territory. This program is one of these efforts.


Richard Heath & Associates (RHA) is a trusted partner of PG&E

RHA supports energy-efficiency, low-income and battery programs. They have trained installers for this program.

What is PG&E's Power Saver Rewards Program?


When you enroll to receive this free battery, you will also be enrolled in the PG&E Power Saver Rewards program (if you’re not enrolled already) or other Load Management program as determined by PG&E or the CPUC. You can earn money and help California avoid power interruptions by reducing energy consumption during specific times of day.


Participation in PG&E’s Power Saver Rewards Program is required. It is a demand-response program that notifies customers to reduce their electricity consumption during critical times to support the grid.

Apply for a free battery storage system

If you are eligible, you will have received a letter from PG&E or a phone call about this offer from RHA. Complete the form below and a representative from RHA will contact you.

Helping you prepare and get support

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We offer generator and battery rebates to help prepare you for outages.

Safety Action Center

Learn how to create an emergency plan that could keep you and your family safe.

Contact us

If you have any questions regarding the Battery Storage Initiative, call RHA at 559-500-3550 or email pgeresidentialstorage@rhainc.com.