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Generator & battery rebates

Find out about rebates for generators and batteries 

See if you quailfy for the rebate program.

Backup power support


To help prepare for outages, we offer generator and battery rebates. This support is available for customers who are:



The rebate is $300 per qualified customer. If you participate in PG&E’s CARE or FERA programs, you may receive an additional $200.


Resources available for download:

Backup power options


Backup power can operate away from or through our grid. Backup power is often fueled by solar, battery, gas and other sources. 


important notice icon Note: We are not responsible for providing backup power during power outages. We will provide as much support as possible for energy solutions. 

Program eligibility


To qualify, you must satisfy the following:


important notice icon Note:  Rebates are limited to one per customer. Applications must be submitted within 12 months from the purchase date or by December 31, 2024.

Shop for backup power


Below is a list of suppliers and contractors, although it is not exhaustive.


important notice icon Note: We do not make any endorsements or recommendations. Please contact retailers directly for additional information.

Generator alternatives

You may also be interested in portable power or battery technology. These can be used inside and outside. They work without noise, fumes and/or maintenance.


Financing and financial incentives


PG&E also provides financial assistance for batteries and backup generators. Our support includes:

Generator and Battery Rebate Program

Watch a video on backup power resources for customers in high fire-risk areas.

More about backup power

Backup power safety

Keep your electricity on and reduce safety risks.

Backup Power Transfer Meter Program

Quickly, easily and safely power your home with a generator during an outage.

Portable Battery Program (PBP)

The program offers extra support to those who are reliant on power for medical needs.