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Backup Power Transfer Meter Program

Quickly, easily and safely power your home with a generator during an outage

Eligible customers may receive a free meter

Eligible PG&E customers can receive a free backup power transfer meter. A backup power transfer meter can help you connect to a backup power source during an outage. If you have a compatible generator, you may qualify for one.

The offer is not transferrable. It is good for a limited time only and subject to change at any time. See program qualifications.


List of compatible generators (XSLX)


NOTE: Compatible generators must:


  1. Have a National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) L14-30P plug, and
  2. Be capable of providing output of 30 amps at 240V of power with over current protection.

Customer qualifications


To qualify for a backup power transfer meter, you must:


If you’re a Medical Baseline customer, you must also agree that:


important notice icon Note: PG&E crews will also inspect the panel to make sure it meets the requirements to operate. It will take around one hour to install the backup power transfer meter and cable.



Site qualifications

  • Your site must have access to a 30A, 120V/240V with a standard National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) L14-30P plug portable generator with overcurrent protection.
  • It must also have a 200A or less meter panel. This ensures the backup power transfer meter and cable can be installed. The panel must meet the operational purpose for the program.

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