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Ways to pay my PG&E bill

*Why do I have to pay a convenience fee?

  • You have the options of using your credit card or electronic check to make payments.
  • The convenience fee is charged by an independent payment provider.
  • California Assembly Bill 746 (AB 746, enacted in 2005) does not allow energy companies, including PG&E, to pass on these costs to all customers.
  • Only customers who choose to use this service will be charged the convenience fee.

Don't want to pay a convenience fee?

  1. Sign into your account with your username and password.
  2. Make a one-time payment or schedule recurring payments from your checking or savings account for free.

Understanding your bill

Find out what impacts your bill with this breakdown. Learn how you can manage your monthly bill and save energy.

Gift payment

Help others with their bill

Want to help pay the energy bill of a friend, neighbor, college student or local business? Make a payment of any amount.

It's secure and confidential

Your payment will:

  • Be applied to their account.
  • Reduce any balance reflected on their next month's bill

important notice icon Note: For security reasons, we cannot share any of your recipient’s account or balance information.

Send your gift payment in three easy steps:

  1. Download and print the Energy Giving form (PDF).
  2. Return your completed form and payment.
  3. Once processed, the recipient will receive an email or letter confirming their gift.

Pay gift by mail

Mail the Energy Giving form and payment to:

Attention: Energy Giving Payment
P.O. Box 997300
Sacramento, CA 95899-7300


Do not mail cash. Make check payable to PG&E and indicate "Energy Giving Payment" in the memo line.

Pay gift in person

Pay your energy statement in person at one of our many authorized neighborhood payment centers.

Find a nearby location. Locate a neighborhood payment center.

Online billing is a fast, easy and secure way to receive your monthly statements.

More help with bills

Don't have an online account?

Create an online account using:

  • Your PG&E account number and your phone number, or
  • The last four digits of either your Social Security number or Tax ID number (business customers)

Balance your monthly energy payments

Stay on track all year with Budget Billing.

Need help paying your bill?

PG&E offers many financial assistance programs. We can find solutions.