California, Oregon and Washington, along with several other western states, continue to experience an increase in wildfire risk and a longer wildfire season. To ensure the safety of our customers and communities, PG&E is taking steps every day to keep trees away from powerlines, improve the safety and reliability of our electric system and reduce the risk of wildfires.

As part of this safety work, we inspect approximately 100,000 miles of overhead powerlines and prune or cut down more than 1 million trees annually. To continue to provide safe and reliable service to our communities, we perform different vegetation work depending on the type of electric equipment and surrounding environment.

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Powerline clearance

We perform regular inspections and tree work near our electric powerlines to help prevent power outages and reduce safety hazards.

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Enhanced wildfire safety measures

We're expanding and enhancing our vegetation and safety work in areas at highest wildfire risk.

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Tree work safety

Learn more about safe pruning and digging guidelines for customers and for tree care professionals and orchard workers.

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Right tree, right place

Trees and power lines can be compatible. Learn more about how to plant to promote fire safety, reduce power outages and ensure the enjoyment of trees for years to come.

Wood management

Learn more about the wood debris removal program.

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