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Learn about SmartAC

The SmartAC program is voluntary and there’s no penalty for non-participation. The program helps prevent power interruptions. On hot summer days when demand increases because thousands of customers are using their air conditioning units, PG&E may remotely activate SmartAC devices in order to help maintain adequate power supplies and avoid power interruptions.

The SmartAC program benefits include:

  • Free AC checkup
  • A $50 check after installation
  • Free technical support as long as you are in the program
  • Maintaining control over your comfort and participation with the ability to opt out at any time
  • Helping prevent summer power interruptions while staying comfortable

Want to learn more about SmartAC?

Visit the SmartAC program page

The SmartAC authorized contractor

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The SmartAC authorized contractor is Franklin Energy. A Franklin Energy technician may contact you:

  • To help you complete your enrollment
  • To get your permission to activate the SmartAC device
  • To install the SmartAC device, which may involve replacement with updated technology
  • To help solve a tech issue you may have contacted the program about
  • To visit your home and carry out the free AC check-up
  • To leave a Welcome Kit door-hanger with your AC checkup results and program details

Decline participation in SmartAC

Prefer not to be enrolled in the program at this time?

You can opt out by emailing your name, PG&E service address, PG&E Service Agreement ID (SA ID) and email address to:

Find your SA ID number on page 3 of your PG&E energy statement under "Details of Electric Charges."

View a sample statement

Agree to participate in SmartAC

If you agree to participate, please call us at 1-866-908-4916 or enroll online.