Discover why the SmartMeter™ is the smart move for businesses

PG&E, in partnership with Wellington Energy, began upgrading gas and electric meters in 2006. The SmartMeter™ program is now available to all PG&E customers.

The SmartMeter™ system helps you monitor and control your energy usage with the following benefits:

  • Eliminates onsite meter reading
  • Improves energy usage tracking
  • Expands your rate choices
  • Allows you to view your usage online to help you save energy and costs

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Understand the SmartMeter™ installation process and schedule

You receive a letter from PG&E before your scheduled SmartMeter™ upgrade. Installation is seamless if your current meter is easy for our installer to access.

Learn where SmartMeter™ equipment is installed and when it’s coming to your area.

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