Avoid bill surprises with Energy Alerts

Energy Alerts will help your business stay on top of monthly energy bills. When you sign up, you specify a monthly bill alert amount and we notify you if your bill is projected to exceed the amount you’ve set.

Follow our tips below when you visit your PG&E online account to sign up.

Switch on your Bill Forecast Alert

Bill Forecast Alerts can be sent after the first week of your billing cycle and may be received as late as two days before your billing cycle ends. They're triggered if your current energy use is projected to exceed the bill amount you specified. Alerts are sent once during each billing cycle and provide the opportunity to adjust your energy use if needed.

Make the most of your Bill Forecast Alert

  1. To help reduce your energy bill, set an alert amount slightly lower than your normal energy bill. For example, set your monthly bill alert amount 15% LESS than your average bill and receive an alert when you're projected to exceed that amount during your billing cycle.
  2. Choose to receive Bill Forecast Alerts via email, text or a phone call.
  3. You can enter a total of four contacts to receive an alert.
  4. Be sure to save your changes.

Get Peak Day Pricing Event Day Alerts

Is your business enrolled in Peak Day Pricing? If so, receive an email or text alert the day before an Event Day and a reminder on the day itself. Sign up through your online account, under Alert Settings.


Take control of your energy bills

To sign up for Energy Alerts, visit your online account.

Reduce your energy use to save on your bill. Check out our energy-saving tips.