We're here to help

Find information about power restoration, financial support and the rebuilding process. Learn how to keep your family and home safe.

Restoring gas and electric power

We will restore power as quickly as possible to those customers who can safely receive service. Damaged structures can receive service only after repairs or rebuilding are complete and the local building inspector has signed off.

Ask to see PG&E identification

As a reminder, our employees carry PG&E identification and are always willing to show it to you. Ask to see valid identification before allowing anyone claiming to be a PG&E representative inside your home. If a person claiming to be a PG&E employee has identification and you still feel uncomfortable, call PG&E's customer service line at 1-800-743-5000 to verify PG&E's presence in your community.

Money in hand

Financial relief

Get information on support options available to you, including: credit, billing, income-qualified programs and quick service restarts.


Returning home safely

Find electricity and gas safety tips to protect your family and your home.

Electrical plug

Turning your electricity on and off

Discover the basics of turning the electricity on and off in your home before, during and after an emergency.


Heating homes without gas service

If your home uses gas heating but you're currently without service, review our safety tips about using alternative heating.

Our Building and Renovation Services department works directly with customers impacted by wildfires.

It is important to contact PG&E as early as possible if you plan to repair or rebuild. For temporary rebuilding power and for subsequent permanent power, call us at 1-877-743-7782 or submit an application to Customer Connections. Be sure to indicate on your application that your request for service is due to a wildfire.

For information about building and renovations services, visit frequently asked questions.

Applying for power is a process that requires many steps taken by both the customer and PG&E. Review our Summary of Process to Apply for Temporary and Permanent Power.

Download the Summary of Process (PDF, 439 KB)