Learn how PG&E keeps an eye on weather and fire conditions

PG&E monitors the weather 24/7 to plan and protect our communities from wildfires. With the help of new technologies, PG&E’s ability to predict the weather and prevent wildfires is always improving.

In addition to our seven-day Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) forecast, customers now have access to PG&E’s interactive weather and fire-detection satellite maps. These maps let you review the weather in your local area so that you can be better prepared.

Interactive weather map

View the weather map below for your local current conditions, humidity, precipitation, temperature, wind speeds, wind gusts and Red Flag Warnings.

Fire-detection satellite map

The fire-detection satellite map below provides data from six satellites as they monitor the state of California from space.

Seven-day PSPS forecast

If weather conditions heighten wildfire risk in a service area, we may shut off that area’s electricity. This is called a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS). What are the chances of a PSPS in your area this week?

Explore PG&E's weather map

PG&E's team of expert meteorologists closely monitors the weather and analyzes data to help customers prepare, plan and remain safe. Type your town or city name into our interactive weather map to track winter storms or to predict the dry, windy conditions that can generate destructive wildfires. An information bar located below the map details its various features.

View map as full screen

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This webpage is intended only to provide customers with a general estimate regarding locations that may be impacted by a PSPS event. Conditions affecting a possible PSPS event can change quickly and the actual impact of a future PSPS event is uncertain.

Survey PG&E's fire-detection satellite map

We work with the University of Wisconsin's Space Science and Engineering Center to provide the fire-detection satellite map below. This fire detection tool is designed to help California communities plan and prepare for a potential fire response.

Using the map below, view potential-fire detection data provided by six satellites as they monitor the state of California from space. To view the most complete information about a specific potential fire, select all satellite data available.

View map as full screen

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The information displayed on and available through this webpage is intended only to use as a tool to analyze and visualize data. It is not intended to be a decision-making tool and PG&E assumes no responsibility for errors or omissions. The data and modeling products of the map should never be used for reporting fires by the media, public or others, unless that information provided by public safety officials.

The map includes current weather station information such as:

  • Wind speed and temperature
  • Wind trajectory lines
  • Real-time images from high-resolution cameras around the state
  • Current satellite images of clouds from GOES-17
  • Possible smoke plumes

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Get more information about a fire that has been detected.

Safety tip:

Help us reach you when it's important. Update your email address and phone number so we can reach out to you in advance of a public safety power outage.