Follow these guidelines to prepare for emergencies

Natural disasters can be devastating. Learn how to protect yourself and your family.

Prepare for emergencies

Prepare for emergencies

Get ready for natural disasters before they happen. Discover how you and your family can prepare for emergencies.

Stay safe

Stay safe during storms and outages

We're concerned about your safety during storms. Find out what you can do to avoid danger.

Follow tips

Follow tips to help prevent wildfires

Wildfires are a huge risk in many parts of our service area. Discover what you can do to reduce the hazards.

Prepare for earthquakes

Prepare for earthquakes

Discover the important steps to take before, during and after an earthquake on our Earthquake Safety and Preparedness page.

Keep your home safe

Keep your home safe during floods

Prepare your home in case a flood occurs. View our Flood Safety page.

Learn about Cooling Centers

Learn about Cooling Centers

Find ways to stay cool in the heat. View the Cooling Centers page to learn what to do when the weather gets unusually hot.

Take steps to keep your home

Take steps to keep your home and family safe from fire

Help keep your family safe in the event of a fire. View fire safety tips on the Fire Safety page.