Learn about the location and land ownership of DeSabla-Centerville

The project is located in northern California in the Butte Creek and West Branch Feather River drainages. Both drainages are located in Butte County along the western slope of the Sierra Nevada and Cascade Range geomorphic provinces. The City of Chico is the nearest population center.

Lands within the project drainage basins are mostly privately owned, with a small number owned by the United States and managed by the Forest Service as part of the Lassen and Plumas National Forests and by the Bureau of Land Management. Most of the privately owned land is owned by PG&E and Sierra Pacific Industries.

What’s included in the facility?

The DeSabla-Centerville Project generally consists of three small reservoirs: Round Valley, Philbrook and DeSabla Forebay. It also includes several small diversion and feeder dams, canals with tunnels and flumes, penstocks and three powerhouses: Toadtown, DeSabla and Centerville.

Toadtown Powerhouse

DeSabla Powerhouse

Centerville Powerhouse

Review important DeSabla-Centerville Project documents

Download PG&E’s Final License Application and other pertinent documents.