Discover safety techniques for your electrical equipment

Learn about safety guidelines for cords, outlets and electric heaters. You can also learn why it’s a good idea to keep water away from electricity.

Learn about cord safety

Use the following guidelines to stay safe with electric cords:

  • Avoid placing electric cords under floor covering. Individuals may walk on the cords, and damage can occur without your notice.
  • Check for cords that are broken, frayed, damaged or tied in knots, or cords that have melted insulation. Repair or replace damaged cords as soon as you notice them.
  • Use extension cords with three-pronged plugs if any electric equipment requires grounding.
  • Insert and remove plugs by grasping the plug. Pulling on the cord can damage your equipment. Be careful not to let your fingers touch the metal prongs.

Learn about outlet safety

Follow these guidelines to stay safe with electric outlets:

  • Avoid overloading outlets with too many appliances or too much equipment.
  • Never let children play around outlets.
  • Put safety covers on unused electric outlets. This is particularly important when you have children visiting your home or office.

Learn about electric heater safety

Follow these guidelines to stay safe when using electric heaters:

  • Keep materials that can burn away from heating sources.
  • Do not hang clothes to dry on or near your heater or heating vent.
  • Avoid placing office furniture close to heaters.
  • Use electric equipment with the Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL) symbol. This symbol shows that the product is safety-tested.

Be cautious with electricity and water

Electricity and water can be a lethal combination, potentially causing severe electric shock or death. Follow these guidelines to stay safe around water and electricity:

  • Avoid using radios, TVs or hair dryers near sinks or toilets. Small battery-powered radios may be safe to use.
  • Avoid standing in water when using electric equipment.
  • Dry your hands before touching electric equipment.