Go green and save on electricity

PG&E's Green Saver program will enable certain income-qualified residential customers in select communities to save 20% on their electricity bill by subscribing to 100% solar energy from solar projects built within California. Program capacity is limited. Check back here for updated information regarding program status.

Program benefits

  • Broadens access to solar, including to renters and homes unsuitable for solar rooftop installation. Simply determine your eligibility for the program by reviewing the criteria below. You may also be interested in the SOMAH or DAC-SASH rooftop solar programs.
  • Provides eligible residential customers a 20% discount on electricity bills on top of applicable CARE or FERA discounts.
  • Supports the growth of new solar projects throughout PG&E's service territory.
  • For a complete list of the resources included in Green Saver and the conditions of enrollment, view the Prospective Product Content Label (PDF, 134 KB), Historical Product Content Label (PDF, 113 KB), and Price, Terms, & Conditions (PDF, 133 KB).
  • Green-e Energy CertifiedMeets the strict environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the non-profit Center for Resource Solutions and is Green-e Energy certified.

Customer eligibility requirements

Subscribers must be residential customers who purchase electricity from PG&E and:

  • Live in a Disadvantaged Community as defined by CalEnviroScreen.
  • Are eligible for CARE or FERA.
  • Do not receive electricity service from a Community Choice Aggregator (CCA) or a Direct Access provider. NOTE: If you take service from a Community Choice Aggregator, check with your service provider to determine if they offer a similar program.
  • Do not take PG&E electric service on Transitional Bundled Service (TBS), Schedule S, any net energy metering (NEM) schedules, non-metered service, multi-family or master-meter rate schedules, or the Solar Choice or Regional Renewable Choice programs.


The Green Saver Program is not yet open for customer enrollment. Please check back for updated information regarding program status.

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