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Distributed Energy Resources Partnership Pilot

Be part of the modern electric grid


PG&E developed the "Partnership Pilot" program that allows customers to enroll Distributed Energy Resources (DER) such as solar, storage, energy efficiency and demand response. It is offered by prescreened third-party DER providers. If you’re eligible, you can be part of the grid of the future by allowing your DER to be used by DER providers to help meet local energy needs. Plus, you’ll be compensated by your DER provider for participating while also helping to defer the need for new utility distribution projects.


The program is called the “Partnership Pilot” because DER providers may defer planned utility projects and instead work with DER customers to use new or existing DERs to meet the growing grid needs. This pilot is authorized by the California Public Utilities Commission.


If you’re a vendor or aggregator, use the link below for more information.

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What is the Partnership Pilot?


Traditionally, utilities like PG&E invest in the electric grid to ensure the energy needs of their customers are met. Through the Partnership Pilot, customers can be part of the solution in managing electric loads. The pilot program will allow Distributed Energy Resource providers to work directly with PG&E customers to demonstrate support of the growing grid and potentially allow for the deferral of traditional utility investments.


How do I participate?


The Partnership Pilot will only be available in certain areas on a limited basis based on pre-identified utility projects. PG&E customers who are interested in participating may enroll directly with pre-screened DER providers. The providers will manage the program, including determining eligibility, and will sign individual agreements with customers for payment for their services. Reach out to the prescreened aggregators directly for more information on enrollment.


Download Prescreened Aggregators List (PDF)


Current locations from the 2023-2024 solicitation


Location from the 2023-2024 solicitation  


More information:


DIDF data and other distribution system data is currently available at Distributed Resource Planning data & maps.


important notice icon Note: PG&E does not endorse or warrant the accuracy of information or the terms or conditions of a DER provider's program or representations. Customers should contact the DER provider directly for information on the services and benefits they are offering to customers.


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