Distribution Interconnection Handbook


The Distribution Interconnection Handbook contains Pacific Gas and Electric Company's (PG&E) requirements on how to interconnect generating facilities or distributed generation (DG) to the PG&E electrical distribution system. This webpage includes supporting documents and addendums to the handbook sections 1-5. It describes additional technical requirements that may not be in the handbook.

Table of Contents

DIH Manual:

  • Handbook – Sections 1-5 (PDF, 600 KB) (All of the interconnection requirements in each section of this entire manual have undergone an extensive review. They are currently updated with the latest information as of May 15, 2017)

Technical Documents and Forms:

Distribution System Engineering Numbered Documents:

Single Line Drawing Examples:

Approved Equipment:

Transmission Interconnection Handbook Documents:

(Various requirements in these documents generally apply to generation entities interconnected to the distribution system as well as the transmission system)

Substation Engineering Numbered Documents:

PG&E Electric Distribution Glossary:

Webpage Updates:

  • Change Log (PDF, 198 KB) (This document provides a history of updates to this webpage along with a brief description of the changes.)