Connect your renewable energy system

Whether you're an experienced or beginner contractor, installer or property owner, we offer resources to help you interconnect a solar or renewable energy system to the PG&E energy grid. Use our PG&E Interconnection Portal to apply online today.

PG&E Interconnection Portal

Benefits of using our online Interconnection tool include:

Use our tool to complete an application online. The automated tool offers these benefits:

  • Get faster approval time.
  • Save time by auto-filling customer information using the service agreement and meter ID input.
  • Perform a PG&E network capacity check.
  • View applicable rate schedule options and a list of approved equipment from drop-down lists.
  • Avoid submission errors with built-in validation.

PLEASE NOTE: The online Interconnection tool supports these browser versions:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 10 and higher
  • Google Chrome 39 and higher
  • Firefox 35 and higher
  • Mac Safari 6.1 and higher

NOTE: The website requires that you turn off Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer. For instructions, refer to the following:

Apply for Standard NEM Interconnection

We created the following resources to help contractors apply for Standard NEM Interconnection, including key information about the application process:

Our resources and tips can help you save time on the Interconnection Application and the engineering review.

Install a renewable generating system (new contractors/installers)

If you're starting out as a solar contractor or are planning to install a renewable generating system on your own home or business, you must interconnect safely. The following resources provide important safety information, along with process steps and timeline considerations for contractors and self-installers:

Prepare for Interconnection and work with your contractor (customers)

When installing a solar or renewable energy system on your home and business, you must understand your part in the Interconnection process. To prepare for Interconnection, you can learn how to work with your contractor to complete the application forms, choose the best rate schedule and understand the system sizing. Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Interconnection process. Visit Customer Interconnection Essentials.

Get additional help

For questions about the interconnection process, call our Solar Customer Service Center at 1-877-743-4112.

If you have complaints about your interconnection project and are unable to resolve it with your Interconnection Manager, you can reach out to PG&E's appointed Rule 21 Ombudsman, Michael Mulvey at 916-203-6459 or via email at