Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEM2A)


Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEM2A) allows a single customer with multiple meters on the same property, or on adjacent or contiguous properties, to use renewable generation (e.g. solar panels) to serve the aggregated load behind all eligible meters and receive the benefits of Net Energy Metering (NEM2). Criteria for NEM2A includes:

  • There is no maximum generator size; however, the system must be sized to the customer’s recent annual load.
  • Accounts have to be located on the same property as the renewable generator or on properties adjacent or contiguous to it.
  • All of the properties have to be solely owned, leased or rented by the same customer of record who is listed on the PG&E bill.
  • The same customer of record must be listed for each PG&E account.