Non-export interconnection is available to all types of generator technologies and sizes where one of the following is true:

  1. A reverse-power protection device will be installed.
  2. An under-power protection device will be installed.
  3. The generating facility interconnection equipment has been certified as non-islanding, and the incidental export of power will be limited by the design of the interconnection.
  4. The gross nameplate rating of the generating facility will not exceed 50 percent of the minimum electrical load of the host customer's facility over the previous 12 months.
  5. The generating facility completely offsets the facility load by being both (a) optimally sized to meet its peak demand with load following functionality on the generator controls, and (b) ensuring conditional (inadvertent) export of electric power from the generation facility to the distribution provider's distribution or transmission system, occurring no more frequently than twice in any 24-hour period. Also, the exports are greater than two seconds, but no more than 60 seconds. If this option is selected, option 1 or 2, above, will also be required.