Urgent Alert


Your safety is our most important responsibility

Electric safety

Learn about safety during an outage and more. 

Gas safety

Learn the signs of a gas leak and other important safety information.  

Yard safety

Avoid hitting underground gas pipelines when you dig by calling 811. 

Vegetation management

Learn how we keep vegetation away from powerlines to prevent wildfires and ensure reliable power.

Natural disaster safety

Find tools to create a plan to stay safe during natural disasters,

Nuclear safety

Learn about how you can prepare for nuclear emergencies.

Severe weather safety

Find important information on storms and heat waves, and how PG&E can help.

Community Wildfire Safety Program (CWSP)

Find out how we are making our system safer and more reliable.

Wildfire preparedness and support

Take steps to keep your family or business safe from wildfires.

Safety Action Center

The Safety Action Center provides useful information to help you and your family prepare. Learn how to create an emergency plan that could keep you safe in the event of an emergency.

More on safety

General outage safety

Make sure you know what to do during a power outage.

Pipeline safety

Our commitment is to build the safest gas system in the nation. 

Planting and managing trees

Get the facts on trimming and planting trees around powerlines.