About B1-ST

The B1-ST rate for storage is a rate modifier that is available to customers who install storage and take service under schedule B1. To be eligible for B1-ST, the rated capacity of the installed storage system must be equal to the greater of either 4.8 kWH or at least 0.05% of the customer's annual usage over the previous 12 months.

The storage system must be interconnected with PG&E to be eligible to enroll. The interconnection portal can be found here.

B1-ST Benefits

B1-ST may provide a more advantageous rate structure for customers with storage. Customers on B1-ST have a "steeper" rate structure, with higher Peak prices and lower Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak prices, allowing them to discharge their batteries at a premium and charge at a discount. B1-ST has a lower Summer Part-Peak rate and an added Winter Part-Peak rate that doesn't exist on regular B1. Additionally, B1-ST has a maximum demand charge ($/kW) each month based on the single highest demand occurring during the combined Peak and Part-Peak period (2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.). The demand charge will not apply during the Off-Peak and Super Off-Peak period. Customers are encouraged to discharge their batteries when demand could be highest which, combined with the steeper rate structure, can result in lower bills than regular B1.

B1-ST Cap

B1-ST is a pilot program with enrollment capped at 15,000 participants in PG&E's service area1. To help stakeholders view how enrollment by PG&E customers in B1-ST is tracking toward the cap, the table below shows information on current B1-ST enrollment. The tables will be updated monthly until enrollment reaches 8000 participants, after which they will be updated more frequently. All figures are current as of the date this webpage was last updated.

Cap Tracker

Last updated: 09/24/21

Progress toward the B1-ST Cap in PG&E's Service Area

Currently EnrolledRemaining Cap



1Once the B1-ST Cap is reached, the B1-ST program will be closed and all pending projects that have not yet met the requirements for B1-ST will not be eligible for B1-ST.