How it works

With PG&E's Solar Choice and Regional Renewable Choice programs, anyone can access solar energy, including those with homes or apartments that can't support rooftop solar.

PG&E's Solar Choice

  • You use energy in the form of electricity to power your home every day.
  • Choose an enrollment level at 50 percent or 100 percent of your usage.
  • When you enroll, PG&E will purchase additional, new solar resources to meet your electricity needs as well as those of other participating customers.
  • Your monthly electric energy statement will include a charge for the solar power you are purchasing and related program charges, as well as a credit for the standard generation you are no longer purchasing. Today, the net of these charges and credits is a premium. Download the Product Content Label (PDF, 274 KB) and Price, Terms and Conditions (PDF, 236 KB) for more details. Learn more about the estimated impact on your energy statement by checking out our Rate Calculator.
  • Your electricity use will be matched with 100% clean, renewable solar energy at your chosen enrollment level.

Enroll in Solar Choice

Regional Renewable Choice

  • You use energy in the form of electricity to power your home every day.
  • Identify a participating Regional Renewable Choice project and/or developer.
  • You contract with a Regional Renewable Choice developer for a portion of a Regional Renewable Choice project for the equivalent of 25%–100% of your annual usage in what's called a "Customer-Developer Agreement" (CDA).
  • You pay the developer directly according to the terms of your CDA.
  • Wait for the project to be built and become operational. As it nears operation, you can work with a developer to enroll with PG&E in the program. If the project is already operational, you can do this after the CDA.
  • In order to receive a bill credit in relation to the output of your subscribed portion of the project, the project must be operational. At that time you will receive a credit on your PG&E energy statement. Be sure to enroll with PG&E with the form provided to you by your developer in order to receive the credit.

Renewable developers

Are you a renewable developer and interested in participating in PG&E's Regional Renewable Choice or Solar Choice programs?

Regional Renewable Choice
PG&E's Solar Choice

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Green-e Energy certification

PG&E's Regional Renewable Choice program is Green-e Energy certified and meets the environmental and consumer-protection standards set forth by the nonprofit Center for Resource Solutions.

 Greene Energy Certified