Energy Alerts overview

Stay on budget and in control with our two Energy Alerts. The Bill Forecast Alert sends a notification if your bill is expected to exceed an amount you specify. High Usage Alerts will send you a notification when you’re at risk of incurring a surcharge. Prevent the surprise of a high bill by making changes before you receive your next energy statement.

Bill Forecast Alert

Stay on top of your energy use and keep your bill in check. Simply set a spending goal.

To help reduce your monthly energy costs, set your Bill Forecast Alert amount slightly lower than your normal energy bill. You can cut back on your energy usage if you receive the alert and reduce your typical costs.
For example, set your monthly Bill Forecast Alert amount 15% LESS than your average bill and receive a notification when you're projected to exceed that amount during your monthly billing cycle. This will give you time to make the changes required to stay within your budget.

To avoid the surprise of a high energy bill, set the Bill Forecast Alert amount slightly above your average energy bill.
For example, set your monthly Bill Forecast Alert amount 10% MORE than your average bill so that the alert notifies you if your usage is forecasted to be higher for the month. If you see your energy use is up compared to previous months, you can immediately take steps—such as adjusting the heat and turning off lights and electronics—to help rein in your costs, rather than be surprised when the bill arrives.

High Usage Alerts

When you sign up for High Usage Alerts, you'll receive an early warning notification that your usage is projected to trigger a surcharge. The High Usage Surcharge is incurred when you exceed four times your Baseline Allowance. You can take immediate steps to curb your energy use and avoid this surcharge.

Find tips to conserve energy and money all year.

Select your preferred method of receiving alerts.

You can choose how to receive your energy alert via your channel of choice: email, text or a phone call. You can enter a total of four contacts to receive a notification.


Find out who’s eligible to sign up for Energy Alerts

Bill Forecast Alert

You’re eligible to sign up for the Bill Forecast Alert if you’re a single-premise customer with a SmartMeter™ and if you are on eligible residential rate plans.1 Net Energy Metering, Community Choice Aggregate (CCA), Direct Access customers are not eligible to enroll at this time.

High Usage Alerts

You’re eligible to sign up for High Usage Alerts if you have electric service from PG&E through a SmartMeter™ and are on eligible residential tiered rate plans.2 Net Energy Metering and Medical Baseline customers are not eligible to enroll at this time.

1Eligible plans: HG1, HE1, HE6, HE7, HE8, HE9, HEA9, HEB9, HEVA, HEVB, HETOUA, HETOUB, HETOUC, G1, E1, E6, E7, E8, E9, EA9, EB9, EVA, EVB

Customers can sign up for or cancel Energy Alerts at any time.