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Understanding your usage is the first step toward saving energy. Home Energy Reports explain your energy usage and provide customized tips and ideas to help you maximize your energy savings.

Explore how the Home Energy Reports help you understand your energy use

Track your energy use

The Home Energy Reports show you how much energy you use month to month in comparison to similar homes, and some reports may also show your energy data seasonally, by fuel type and broken down by heating and cooling.

Check out to see more details about your energy use. Here you can drill into your daily and hourly usage, cost information and annual comparisons.

Find out how you compare

The Home Energy Report shows if you're using more or less energy when compared to similar homes, and offers you solutions based on:


  • Home size
  • Home type (apartment, condo or single-family)
  • Heating source (gas, electric or both gas and electric)


The comparison is compiled anonymously and not shared with anyone else. Only you will know how your usage compares to similar homes.

To update your comparison information, complete the Home Energy Checkup. Here you can view your current home information and update it to receive more personalized recommendations moving forward.

NOTE: Vacant homes are excluded.

For more information, please visit the Home Energy Reports FAQ.

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Check out PG&E's tip guides to choose from lists of tailored energy efficient tips based on your home's characteristics and needs at different times of the year.

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