Learn how to save energy and money

We offer the following tools to help you manage your energy use more easily and find ways to save on your statement:

  • Usage Analysis
  • Home Energy Checkup
  • Energy Alerts

Continue reading to learn about these tools.

energy use

Analyze your energy use

With our Usage Analysis tool, you can:

  • Learn which rate plan is best for you.
  • Monitor and analyze your energy use.
  • Compare rate options.

Start an analysis today.

Home Energy Checkup

Get a Home Energy Checkup

This tool provides personalized ways to save, based on how you use energy. Just answer a few simple questions about your home and energy use to get recommendations. Get a customized list of changes you can make to boost your energy efficiency today.

Enroll in Energy Alerts

Enroll in Energy Alerts

With Energy Alerts, you receive notification by email, text or phone when your energy use is on pace to exceed your personalized statement alert amount. Enroll now.