Stay informed with outage alerts delivered via text, email or phone

We'll provide updates that include the cause of the outage as well as when you can expect power to be back on. PG&E offers two types of outage alerts:


    • Individual outage alerts can be set up by visiting our online outage map, where you can search for outages and sign up for alerts for any outage you find. No account on is required.
    • Future outage alerts for your home require you to sign into Your Account on where you can set your outage alert preferences. Once preferences have been set, you will receive outage alerts for any current outages, as well as all future outages.
The outage alerts section is location within Profile and Alerts once you log in to your online account

Set up automated alerts in your online account

Once you set up your alerts, we'll notify you when outages affect your service. You'll get restoration timing and other updates until service is restored.

To sign up for alerts, go to the Profile & Alerts section of Your Account and scroll down to Alert Settings. Set your Outages Alert to "on."

Set up your alerts now


Sign in without an online account using your last name, service address Zip Code, and the last four digits of your Social Security Number.

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You can get also get information about any outage you like. Just go the outage map, select the outage the interests you, click on Get updates, and enter your information.

Visit PG&E's online outage map

You can search for a specific electric outage that is happening at the moment and request to receive alerts. No PG&E account is required.

Search current outages now

Learn more about finding and reporting outages

Find out how to view current outages, learn if a specific address is experiencing an outage, request outage updates or report an outage.

Learn about the PG&E outage map
Wildfire Safety

Community Wildfire Safety Program

PG&E has precautionary measures in place to help reduce the risk of wildfires. Our goal is to help customers prepare for and stay safe during extreme weather events, including sending notifications when and where possible when power may be turned off for safety.

General Notification Mobile

Keep contact information up to date

For public safety, it may be necessary for us to temporarily turn off electricity in high fire-threat areas when extreme fire conditions occur. We will attempt to contact customers in advance to ensure there’s enough time to prepare.