Stay informed with outage alerts delivered via text, email or phone

We'll provide updates that include the cause of the outage as well as when you can expect power to be back on. PG&E offers two types of outage alerts:


  • Individual outage alerts can be set up by visiting our online outage map, where you can search for outages and sign up for alerts for any outage you find. No account on is required.
  • Future outage alerts for your home require you to sign into Your Account on where you can set your outage alert preferences. Once preferences have been set, you will receive outage alerts for any current outages, as well as all future outages.

Setting up automated alerts in your online PG&E account.

Once you set up your alerts in Your Account, we'll notify you when outages affect your business. You'll get restoration timing and other updates.

Once you are in Your Account, you can go to Profile and Alerts section and scroll down to Alert Settings to set up your outage alerts.

Visit PG&E's online outage map

You can search for a specific electric outage that is happening at the moment and request to receive alerts. No PG&E account is required.