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Energy Efficiency Financing (EEF)

Get financing for new, energy efficient equipment

Apply for a PG&E interest-free loan.

PG&E offers 0% interest loans for replacing old and worn-out equipment with more energy-efficient models


We'll set you up with a loan repayment amount that is in line with the monthly energy savings from your upgrade. Your energy bill shouldn't increase due to your equipment investment. Once your loan is paid off, you will see savings on your bill.



0% interest


Loan amount

$5,000 and $4,000,000 per premise,


Repayment period

Loan periods up to 120 months.




Step 1: Confirm your eligibility

You must have been a PG&E commercial customer for at least 24 months with a good standing 12-month payment history to qualify. The minimum project loan amount is $5,000.


Step 2: Contact PG&E to apply

To start the process, talk to your PG&E account representative or contact the Business Customer Service Center. You can also complete an Energy Efficiency Financing request form.


Step 3: Choose your project

We'll help you select a project that qualifies and that saves your business the most energy and money. The project’s annual energy savings must be at least $1,000.


Step 4: Start your project

Once your project is complete, your PG&E account representative will assist you with submitting your rebate application and finalizing your loan.

Frequent questions about Energy Efficiency Financing

To qualify for a loan, your business must have at least 24 months of continuous PG&E service and a strong energy statement payment history for the past 12 months. Contact your Business Representative or the Business Customer Service Center.

Interest-free financing is available for many types of projects, including exterior and interior LED lighting, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), electric motors, refrigeration, food service equipment and water pumps. The minimum project loan amount is $5,000. Loan terms and monthly payment amounts are based on the Customer’s estimated monthly energy savings from the retrofit project. Your project may be eligible for financing if it qualifies for a rebate or incentive.

Loan funds must be used to purchase and install qualifying energy-efficient equipment. You may use a contractor or install the equipment yourself, but the program will only finance costs directly related to equipment purchase price and installation charges.

To ensure that you have followed all necessary steps for financing, PG&E reserves the right to conduct pre- and post-facility and equipment inspections.

To be eligible for a loan, non-targeted end-use lighting such as linear fluorescent, high-intensity discharge (HID) and metal halide can make up no more than 20 percent of the total loan amount. This restriction does not apply to government agency customers.

Targeted lighting measures such as LED integral lamps, LED retrofit kits, LED fixtures and advanced lighting controls can make up to 100 percent of the total loan amount.

Business customers are not able to combine multiple premises into a single project. Governmentagency customers that are utilizing OBF to complete comprehensive energy efficiency projects may be eligible to combine multiple premises for a single project. Each premises/location included in the project will be evaluated separately and must meet OBF funding requirements. In order to combine multiple premises into one project the following requirements must be met:

  • There must be a single point of contact at the government agency for PG&E billing inquiries for all of the premises included.
  • The projects should be initiated and installed concurrently; the OBF loan will not be funded until the completion of all premises included in the project.

important notice icon Note: PG&E offers Energy Efficiency Financing to our eligible customers on a first-come, first-served basis until program funds are no longer available. *Where, in PG&E's sole opinion, unique opportunities to capture large energy savings exist and all other EEF loan program terms will be met, the sum of the loan amounts for a government agency customer's premises may exceed two hundred fifty thousand dollars ($250,000) up to a maximum of four million dollars ($4,000,000). Talk to a PG&E account representative for more information. Energy efficiency funds, including On-bill Finance loan funds, are public funds. Depending on the project and type of work performed, a project that receives Energy Efficiency or On-bill Finance loan funds may be considered a public work (as defined under Labor Code section 1720 et. seq.). For information on the rules and regulations that apply to public works, including payment of prevailing wages, see the Department of Industrial Relations website.

Get financing for new, energy-efficient equipment.

GoGreen Business

Finance energy efficiency projects and equipment for your small business


PG&E supports GoGreen Business Energy Financing, a State of California administered program that provides private market financing with low interest rates and favorable terms.


Loans up to $5,000,000 are available to owners or lessees of business properties that receive electric and/or gas service from PG&E. This state-administered program can be paired with any rebate or incentive program including PG&E's Energy Efficiency Financing program.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicant's business must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Employ 100 or fewer employees.
  • Total annual revenue of less than $15,000,000.
  • Meet SBA small business size requirement of annual revenue up to $41,500,000, depending on industry.

View program regulations

Project Financing in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Get project estimate from a contractor.
  2. Select finance company and apply.
  3. Sign documents and receive finance company confirmation to start your project. Visit GoGreenFinancing.com to review qualifying measures and get started.


Eligible equipment upgrades include:

Heating and cooling systems and equipment, insulation, LED lighting, water heaters, commercial refrigerators and freezers, smart thermostats, dishwashers, heat pumps and more. See more qualifying measures on GoGreenFinancing.com.


important notice icon Note: PG&E is not making any offer to lend under the GoGreen Business program and has no role in reviewing or approving your GoGreen Business application. Any financing arrangement entered is entirely between you and the lender. PG&E is not liable for the lender's acts or omissions or any of the lending terms for financing made available under the GoGreen Business program.

Financing success stories

Rocket Farms

Rocket Farms used energy efficient upgrades made possible with 0% interest financing and no out-of-pocket costs resulting in 40% more revenue.

Pan-Med Enterprises

Pan-Med Enterprises reduced their electricity and gas usage by 30% and 60% respectively, bringing in $270,000 in annual energy savings.

Spirit of San Luis Restaurant

Spirit of San Luis Restaurant upgraded HVAC and refrigeration systems and saving $4,800 annually.

Fresno Full Circle Brewery

Fresno Full Circle Brewery expands business operations during COVID-19 thanks to financing equipment upgrades.

Oakland Highland Hospital

Oakland Highland Hospital had a 60% reduction in electricity costs related to lighting resulting in $300,000 annual savings.

Fresno Grizzlies

Fresno Grizzlies, Chukchansi Park had $100,000 estimated annual savings.

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