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Net Energy Metering (NEM) program

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Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEM2A)


Net Energy Metering Aggregation (NEM2A) allows a single customer with multiple meters on the same property, or on adjacent or contiguous properties, to use renewable generation (e.g. solar panels) to serve the aggregated load behind all eligible meters and receive the benefits of Net Energy Metering (NEM2). Criteria for NEM2A includes:

  • There is no maximum generator size; however, the system must be sized to the customer’s recent annual load.
  • Accounts have to be located on the same property as the renewable generator or on properties adjacent or contiguous to it.
  • All of the properties have to be solely owned, leased or rented by the same customer of record who is listed on the PG&E bill.
  • The same customer of record must be listed for each PG&E account.

Once you submit the interconnection application online, PG&E will complete a land review to ensure the system is solely owned, leased or rented by the same customer of record who is listed on the PG&E bill. Next, PG&E will conduct an engineering review after the land review is completed.


important notice icon Note: The customer should submit the single-line diagram as soon as possible, even before the system is built. This will allow PG&E's engineers to review the proposed system and, if necessary, request modifications, which may alter the total cost and interconnection timeline of the project.


The timeline for approval of an interconnection application depends on the completeness of the application and required NEM2A documentation. Download the generator interconnection process timeline (PDF).


Attention: PG&E may not be able to interconnect a generator located in certain areas of San Francisco or Oakland. Download Secondary Networks (PDF).


Prior to interconnecting generation projects to PG&E's distribution system, an interconnection application must be submitted, including some or all of the following documents:

There is an interconnection application fee of $145 for all NEM2 programs sized at 1MW or less. However, it is important to note that potential upgrades to PG&E's grid may be required, and a customer may be required to pay for the system upgrade, depending on the type of upgrade in accordance with Electric Rule 21.

Process and requirements

Access Net Energy Metering documentation and apply online


Solar, wind or hybrid renewable energy projects that are sized to 30 kilowatts (kW) or less require a Standard Net Energy Metering (NEM) Interconnection Agreement with PG&E. Our team can help ensure your project has a successful, safe and reliable interconnection to the grid.


Apply easily with our online interconnection tool


Our online tool can help you complete the latest documents that are required for interconnection. In addition, the tool can help you:

  • Get faster approval time.
  • Save time by auto-filling your information from the service agreement and meter ID input.
  • Perform a PG&E network capacity check.
  • View applicable rate schedule options and an approved equipment listing from drop-down menus.
  • Avoid submission errors with built-in validation.

Complete the two required steps using the online interconnection tool.

  • Step 1: Complete the Agreement and Customer Authorization (A&A) form. It must be signed and submitted before continuing to Step 2.
  • Step 2: Complete the Standard Net Energy Metering (NEM) Interconnection Application.

Alternatively, you can download and complete the fillable PDF forms with your computer. Once complete, upload the completed PDFs into PG&Es web portal for validation and choose a signature option:

  1. Use the PG&E DocuSign electronic signature functionality and route it electronically to the customer.
  2. Upload a wet signature or your own electronic signature by an authorized party. (Please note, if you are uploading a document, it must include all pages of the agreement). Both signature paths can be submitted using PG&E's online interconnection tool.

Agreement and Customer Authorization (A&A) form (PDF)

Standard Net Energy Metering interconnection application (PDF)

important notice icon Note: Customers eligible to resume service on Schedule NEM (PDF) (NEM 1) or who are modifying their existing NEM 1 system within 10%/1kW of the original system size (as defined in the NEM Tariff), may download and submit a fillable version of Form 79-1151A (PDF) with their interconnection request. In both cases, Applicants must submit their interconnection request via the PG&E Interconnection Portal.

  • Custom single-line diagram (SLD)
    The diagram is only necessary if the SLD generated by the PG&E online interconnection tool does not correctly represent the interconnection.
  • Variance request
    This is required only if the project is unable to meet the requirements described in the Distribution Interconnection Handbook and Greenbook.
  • Photovoltaic and/or inverter module equipment spec sheet
    The spec sheet is required only if the equipment is not listed on the GoSolarCalifornia.com list of approved equipment. For inverters not on the list, please provide a Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories (NRTL) document to demonstrate UL1741 certification.

  • Timeline: Once PG&E receives the completed documentation from a contractor, it typically takes five to 10 business days (maximum of 30 business days) for a project to receive permission to operate.
  • Please include both the contractor and customer email addresses on the application to receive faster approval by email.

important notice icon Note: In a few cases, PG&E's engineering system review may determine that additional system upgrades are necessary to support the renewable system. These upgrades may incur a cost and add additional time to the project timeline.

  • On the A&A form, the customer of record has the option to authorize PG&E to release his/her account information to the contractor listed on the agreement. The information given is limited to kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage, operational characteristics and other details related to the customer's Generating Facility Interconnection Application.
  • By obtaining the customer's signature, the contractor is also authorized to submit the Standard Net Energy Metering (NEM) Interconnection Application (Form 79-1151B-02) on the customer's behalf and receive copies of the executed Interconnection Agreement and the Permission to Operate (PTO) Letter, once issued.
  • PG&E recommends including the customer's email address on the application to receive faster approval by email.

In a few cases, a customer may not be eligible for a Standard NEM interconnection. Please make sure that none of the following apply to your project:


  • Demand Response programs
    Customers participating in SmartRate™ or the Scheduled Load Reduction Program (SLRP) are not eligible to participate in NEM. Contact the Solar Customer Service Center at 877-743-4112 for assistance.
  • Generating facilities owned by the City and County of San Francisco (CCSF)
    CCSF-owned generating facilities seeking schedule Net Energy Metering Service for City and County of San Francisco (NEMCCSF) are not eligible to participate in NEM.
  • Wholesale Customers
    Customers who receive their electricity from a wholesale provider and not from PG&E are not eligible for NEM.
  • Residential Time-of-Use Pilot Project
    Customers participating in the Residential Time-of-Use Pilot project (Customers on electric rate ETOUP1, ETOUP2, or ETOUP3) are not eligible for NEM. Customers on these rates will be removed from the Pilot via the interconnection process.
  • Secondary Network Areas in San Francisco and Oakland
    Secondary Network Areas (PDF) are in place in certain locations within San Francisco and Oakland to provide heightened levels of reliability in densely populated areas. They can affect a customer's eligibility to participate in NEM. Contact Rule21Gen@pge.com for projects in the following ZIP codes: 94102, 94103, 94104, 94105, 94107, 94108, 94109, 94111, 94133, 94607 and 94612.
  • Energy Service Provider (ESP) other than PG&E: Direct Access and Community Choice
    • Direct Access Customers who receive their energy under a Direct Access program and have an Energy Service Provider (ESP) should contact their ESP directly regarding the availability of NEM programs.
    • Customers who receive their energy under a Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) program are eligible for the NEM program. CCA customers get a credit for the non-generation portion of rates from PG&E, and the CCA may provide a generation credit. NEM programs offered by CCA's vary, including generation credit amounts and when the true-up occurs. NEM CCA customers should contact their CCA provider for the details of their program and how it works.
    • Where CCA's and ESP's have their own NEM programs they still must go through PG&E's interconnection process and receive permission to operate their generating facility from PG&E.

Generating facility information you enter on the Agreement and Customer Authorization form and the Standard Net Energy Metering Interconnection Application will be used to identify whether a further engineering review is needed or if system upgrades, such as replacing a transformer, may be required. The PG&E online interconnection tool will perform this check automatically by utilizing the Electric Rule 21 Engineering Decision Tree (PDF) and AC Disconnect & Variance Requirements (PDF).

Beginning January 15, 2018, qualified residential customers installing generating facilities may opt to utilize the Green Meter Adapter (GMA) to simplify the interconnection process. The GMA is an alternative to upgrading an electric panel and service which may save time and additional cost.

For details on this new option, please read TD-7001B-007: Green Meter Adapter (GMA) for Customer Generation (PDF, 1.3 MB).

High-level Eligibility (see full eligibility requirements in link above)

  • Generating Facility(ies)
    • Gross Inverter Nameplate: Less than or equal to 14 KW
    • 120/240 volts
    • Less than or equal to 60 amps
    • No existing generation on site
  • Customer service type
    • Self-contained electric meter panel
    • Meter panel is rated less than or equal to 125 amp (as determined by PG&E)
    • Single phase 120/240 volt service
  • Customer main breaker and meter socket
    • Main breaker and meter socket is contained in the same electric panel
    • GMA is not allowed on individual meter sockets or meter panels without service disconnects
  • All PG&E Greenbook Gas and Electric meter clearances are met
  • Application Process
    • Documentation is submitted during Step 2 of the Standard NEM Portal (select Line Side Tap)
    • Once approved, customer must enter into a Special Facilities Agreement with PG&E and submit a one-time payment estimated at $1,047. This payment amount is for the GMA, the installation of the GMA, and any future maintenance or replacement that may be required. important notice icon Note: This amount may be subject to change.

Consumer Protection requirement

Explore the Solar Consumer Protection Guide with customer signature required for interconnection

Standard NEM Online Interconnection Application Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ). 

Interconnection Checklist – Standard NEM Web Portal

Get our readiness checklist. 

Greenbook Manual

Access our Greenbook.

Electric services handbooks

Access our electric services handbooks.

NEM 2 program

Access information about the NEM 2 program. 

Customer interconnection essentials

Contractors handle most of the steps necessary to install your solar or renewable energy system and connect it to the PG&E electric grid. As a home or business owner, your role is to understand the Agreement and Customer Authorization (A&A) form and Standard Net Energy Metering (NEM) Interconnection Application. The more you know, the more effective you can be in working with your contractor.

Contractors list your system size on the Interconnection Application. Before discussing your system installation with your contractor, we recommend completing the following preparation:


Focus on energy efficiency first
A few simple measures can reduce your monthly bill, along with the size and cost of the renewable energy system you need. To begin, do a Home Energy Checkup or Business Energy Checkup. Access to both checkup types is available on your online account. Visit Your Account.


Use the Solar Calculator
The size of your system is calculated based on how much renewable energy you plan to offset at your home or business, and your usage history or average bill. We recommend maximizing your energy savings by generating 80 to 85 percent of your typical monthly usage. If the estimate is very different from the size that your contractor recommends, ask the contractor why.


important notice icon Note: There is no incentive for installing a system larger than your home or business needs. Compensation for excess generation is set by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) at roughly $.03-.04 per kilowatt hour (kWh). The compensation does not justify the cost of an oversized system. Learn more. Visit Getting Credit for Surplus Energy.

For a contractor to submit the Interconnection Application on your behalf, you must provide your permission on the A&A form. Go over the following language with your contractor, and check the box on the authorization form if you agree.

"By checking this box and signing this Agreement, I (Customer) authorize PG&E to release my PG&E Electric Account information to the Company above limited to kilowatt-hour (kWh) usage, operational characteristics and other information related to my Generating Facility application. Company is also authorized to submit Application Form 79-1151B and act on my behalf with regard to the interconnection and receive copies of this executed Interconnection Agreement and the Permission to Operate Letter when issued."

Depending on your property and how you use energy, some rate plans are a better value than others.


Review the rate schedule options before you sign

Choose the plan that works best for you. Visit My Rate Plan Choices.


Agreement and Customer Authorization (A&A) form (PDF)


important notice icon Note: You may remain on a closed-rate schedule. However, if you choose a new rate schedule, you can't return to the closed-rate schedule in the future.

You must sign the A&A form to acknowledge the rate schedule you chose and the system size you plan to install. Your contractor can use an e-signature tool to speed up processing.

Ask your contractor to put your email address on the A&A form so that you can receive a faster notification from PG&E about when you can operate your new system.

Agreement and Customer Authorization (A&A) form (PDF)

Are there any fees associated with interconnection?

Typically, no additional fees are required. However, in some cases, network upgrades may be necessary before you can install the system at your home or business. Your contractor will work with PG&E to determine if upgrades are required and inform you of any additional costs that may be incurred.


Know when to turn on your system

Never turn on the solar or renewable energy system before receiving the permission to operate (PTO) letter from PG&E.

We can guide you through selecting, connecting and monitoring your solar and renewable energy system. Visit Understand the Process.


Learn more interconnection essentials

Visit Understanding Net Energy Metering (NEM) and Your Bill


Safely interconnect

For safety and reliability reasons, all solar and renewable generators must connect to the PG&E energy grid. Connection requires an Interconnection Agreement.

Standard NEM interconnections

important notice icon Note: On December 15, 2022, the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) issued a decision to modify the state's solar program. The new Solar Billing Plan will be in effect and impact only new solar customers that submit an application after April 14th, 2023.


Here are answers to frequently asked questions (PDF).


Connect your renewable energy system

Whether you're an experienced or beginner contractor, installer or property owner, we offer resources to help you interconnect a solar or renewable energy system to the PG&E energy grid. Use our PG&E Interconnection Portal to apply online today.


Visit PG&E Interconnection Portal


Benefits of using our online Interconnection tool include:

Use our tool to complete an application online. The automated tool offers these benefits:

  • Get faster approval time.
  • Save time by auto-filling customer information using the service agreement and meter ID input.
  • Perform a PG&E network capacity check.
  • View applicable rate schedule options and a list of approved equipment from drop-down lists.
  • Avoid submission errors with built-in validation.

important notice icon Note: The online Interconnection tool supports these browser versions:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 10 and higher
  • Google Chrome 39 and higher
  • Firefox 35 and higher
  • Mac Safari 6.1 and higher

important notice icon Note:
The website requires that you turn off Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer. For instructions, refer to the following:


Apply for Standard NEM Interconnection

We created the following resources to help contractors apply for Standard NEM Interconnection, including key information about the application process:


Our resources and tips can help you save time on the Interconnection Application and the engineering review.


Install a renewable generating system (new contractors/installers)

If you're starting out as a solar contractor or are planning to install a renewable generating system on your own home or business, you must interconnect safely. The following resources provide important safety information, along with process steps and timeline considerations for contractors and self-installers:

Prepare for Interconnection and work with your contractor (customers)

When installing a solar or renewable energy system on your home and business, you must understand your part in the Interconnection process. To prepare for Interconnection, you can learn how to work with your contractor to complete the application forms, choose the best rate schedule and understand the system sizing. Get answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Interconnection process. Visit Customer Interconnection Essentials.


Inquiries regarding existing and new interconnection projects


Equal to or less than 30kW:
SNEM: email NEMFollowups@pge.com
SNEM-PS: email SNEMPairedStorage@pge.com
SNEMA and SNEMPS-A: email NEMAProcessing@pge.com


Greater than 30kW:
Contact your assigned EGI Account Representative or Interconnection Manager.
For concerns when applying for new interconnection projects, email Rule21Gen@pge.com.


If you are dissatisfied with the efforts of PG&E to meet the timelines of the Fast Track Review and/or Detailed Study for a valid Interconnection Requests (Rule 21, Section F1.1.d.), contact the PG&E-appointed Rule 21 Ombudsman at 916-203-6459 or Rule21Ombudsman@pge.com.


To initiate an official dispute under Section K.2. of Rule 21, submit your request to Rule21Disputes@pge.com and “cc” or send a copy to Rule21.Disputes@cpuc.ca.gov. To participate in the Expedited Dispute Resolution Process under Section K.3., please refer to Expedited Interconnection Dispute Resolution (ca.gov). If you have any questions, email Rule21Disputes@pge.com.


Discover PG&E Interconnection successes

No. 1
Utility with the most total installed solar megawatt (MW) capacity seven years in a row

More residential customers using solar than in any other region in the country

Number of PG&E customers with solar installed

1700+ Megawatts
Total solar power installed in PG&E homes and businesses

More resources for interconnection

Wholesale electric power procurement

PG&E purchases wholesale electric energy and capacity from generators and suppliers.

Register as a supplier

Register your supplier profile and learn how to become a certified supplier. PG&E buyers can contact you with bid or contract opportunities. 

Contact us

For questions about the interconnection process, call our Solar Customer Service Center at 1-877-743-4112.