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Time-of-use rate plans can help you save money because they offer lower energy rates when energy demand is low. Conversely, costs increase when demand is high. You can reduce your expenses by shifting your energy use to partial-peak or off-peak hours of the day. Rates during partial-peak and off-peak hours are lower than rates during peak hours, which are currently between noon and 6 p.m. on weekdays, May through October.

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Learn about our current peak periods and seasonal pricing:

  • Winter (November-April). During winter, there are two rate periods: off-peak and partial-peak.
  • Summer (May-October). During summer, there are three rate periods: off-peak, partial-peak and peak for small and medium business customers, and two rate periods: off-peak and peak for small and medium agriculture customers.

Time-of-Use Rates Charts

Learn more about the different rates for small and medium businesses and small and medium agricultural companies.

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