Solar and Renewables with PG&E

PG&E wants to help reduce your energy bill—and your carbon footprint—with solar and renewable energy. We have helped customers connect more solar systems than any other utility in the country. The four key steps below will help guide you through selecting, connecting and monitoring solar and renewable energy systems for your business.


Four Steps Toward Renewable Energy


How To Get Started

Learn about the different types of renewable systems available for your business. Find out how to hire a contractor, and check out our renewables incentive programs.


Understand the Process

Understand the steps involved in installing and connecting solar for your business. Use our detailed timeline and tips to work more effectively with your contractor.


Understand Net Energy Metering (NEM) and Your Bill

Get an explanation of how to read your bill and how it is calculated. See how much your business is saving with renewable energy—and how much your business is doing for the environment.


Monitor and Maintain Your System

Learn about Your Account, an interactive online dashboard that shows you how much energy your system consumes. Discover helpful maintenance tips to achieve the best performance for your system.