Direct Access

October 1, 2020


  • Currently there is limited load space available for customers participating in the June 2020 Direct Access Lottery. Customers who are offered load space will be able to switch in January 2022.
  • We've updated our sample spreadsheet template. Find it under the Direct Access Lottery Process.


Direct Access (DA) is an option that allows eligible customers to purchase their electricity directly from third party providers known as Electric Service Providers (ESPs). Under this service option, PG&E will continue to deliver electricity and provide all safety related services regardless of which electric supplier the customer chooses.


Prior to April 2010, DA had not been available to new customers in California since the Legislature suspended the program in September 2001 during the California Energy Crisis.

In October 2009, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law, Senate Bill 695, which provided for a limited reopening of the DA market for only non-residential customers beginning in April 2010. Subsequently, the CPUC issued two Decisions, D.10-03-022 and D.10-05-039 which established Annual Load Caps for a phased reopening over a 4 year period and an Overall Load Cap of 9,520 GWh.

For more information, see Frequently Asked Questions.

Understanding limited reopening of Direct Access

Per the CPUC (D.10-03-022), PG&E's has adopted new rules to permit the increase of load allowance over a four-year phase-in period from the November 2009 load limit of 5,574 GWh to a new total load of 9,520 GWh.

Phase-in period

The approximate annual DA load increases during the phase-in period are:

  • Year 1 (April - December 2010): Up to 35 percent of the room available under the cap (1,381 GWh)
  • Year 2 (2011): Up to 70 percent of the room available under the cap (an additional 1,381 GWh)
  • Year 3 (2012): Up to 90 percent of the room available under the cap (an additional 789 GWh)
  • Year 4 (2013): Up to 100 percent of the room available under the cap (an additional 395 GWh)

Post-phase-in period

After the four-year phase-in period, PG&E accepts requests to enroll in DA through an annual lottery process described below.

Direct Access Lottery process

Non-residential customers can participate in PG&E's Direct Access Lottery by submitting the Six Month Notice to Transfer to Direct Access Service (form 79-1117) during the PG&E DA Lottery open enrollment period. NOTE: If you’ll be using our sample spreadsheet template, be aware that we have an updated version you’ll find through the link below.

Learn More about the direct access lottery

How to return to PG&E bundled service

DA customers choosing to return to bundled service must submit Electric Form No. 79-1011 (PDF, 249 KB), Notice to Return to PG&E Bundled Portfolio Service (BPS) (Notice to Return), indicating that they wish to return in six (6) months. Customers have three (3) business days after PG&E receives their Notice to Return form to rescind the Notice and remain on DA service. Customers electing BPS make a binding, minimum eighteen (18) month commitment and will not be eligible to return to DA service until their eighteen (18) month minimum commitment has been completed. The Notice to Return forms must be emailed, faxed, or mailed to one of the following addresses: