Produce clean energy for your home

Contribute to a healthy environment and a bright future by producing clean energy for your home.

Make the right renewable energy choices for your home

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Prepare your home

Make your home energy efficient before installing a renewable energy source to maximize your investment. Complete a Home Energy Checkup and receive customized recommendations. Get started. Visit Home Energy Checkup.

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Find the right contractor

PG&E can recommend resources and questions to ask when choosing a contractor. Visit Find a Contractor.

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Do the math

Understand the financial considerations and benefits of investing in renewable energy. Explore leasing versus purchasing options, and learn how to estimate the size of the system you need. Do the math. Visit Financing Options for Solar and Renewable Energy Systems.

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Save with solar initiatives

Get incentives for investing in renewable energy. Find out whether you are eligible. Visit PG&E Incentives for Clean Energy.

Choose the ideal renewable energy technology


Using renewable energy to power your home is a matter of finding the right technology to meet your energy needs. Tens of thousands of California residents have already taken advantage of our state’s abundant sun, wind and other natural resources for power. PG&E can help you find the best renewable energy technology for your home based on the following criteria:


  • Expected energy use

  • Weather conditions

  • Age of your home

  • Location of your home

Understand the process

Understand renewable benefits


  • Reduce your monthly energy bill.

  • Improve the resale value of your home.

  • Generate your own power and heat.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint.

  • Help reduce fossil fuel usage.

  • Make an investment for 25 years of savings.

Use the PG&E private rooftop solar calculator

Use the PG&E private rooftop solar calculator

Use the PG&E solar calculator to get a quick estimate of the cost and size of the system you need to power your home.