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Solar Billing Plan

A program for solar customers

How the plan works

Starting on April 15, 2023, new rooftop solar applications will be approved under the Solar Billing Plan. Under the plan, the way solar works for your property depends on how much electricity you generate and how much electricity you use. Solar energy credits are valued by the season, month, day, and time. Details about the plan are provided in the Solar Billing Plan guide (PDF)

Watch an overview

Our short video explains how the plan works.

Bills and true-up statements

What to expect from your bill


As a Solar Billing Plan customer, you’ll receive monthly billing statements and an annual true-up statement. You will also be automatically enrolled in the Electric Home rate plan, a residential time-of-use rate plan. Customers are billed through this plan for energy used from the grid at night or on cloudy days.


Monthly statement

Your monthly Energy Statement includes these charges and credits after reconciling:

  • Charges for the energy used from the electric grid
  • Credits for excess energy generated from your solar system and sent to the grid


Watch the monthly statement video

Annual true-up statement

After each 12-month period, your account will:

  • Reconcile remaining charges not paid in previous months and use any accumulated credits available in your Energy Export Credit Bank.
  • Issue credits in your Energy Export Credit bank (following payment of remaining charges). 
  • Any remaining credits will roll over for use as you begin a new 12-month period.

important notice icon Note: Credit values are based on the hour and season they are produced and delivered.


Watch the True-Up statement video

Energy Export Credit Values

The CPUC provides the Solar Billing Plan Energy Export Credit Values for the state. View hourly, daily, and monthly credit values for 2023 and 2024.


Download the export credit documents (ZIP)

Additional resources

Solar Billing Plan guide

Learn more about Plan basics, electric charges, Credit Values, Net Surplus Compensation and bundling solar with battery storage.