Find resources for your interconnection project

We offer resources to help you apply for, install and operate an interconnection project of any size.

Discover resources for simple solar and wind interconnection projects

Find information on interconnecting a home or business generating system of less than or equal to 30 kilowatts (kW). With our resources, you can explore Interconnections for Standard Net Energy Metering (SNEM) and apply using our online tool. Visit Standard Net Energy Metering (NEM) Interconnections.


Explore information for larger self-generation programs

Find out more about interconnecting larger solar or wind systems to the grid. The information applies to:

  • Residential and commercial rate customers installing systems that are more than 30 kW
  • Generation for agricultural and demand rate programs of any size

Learn more about larger self-generation programs. Visit Larger Self-Generation Programs.

Apply for Expanded NEM projects that are over 30 kW to 1 MW. Visit Interconnection Application for Non-Export or Certain Net Energy Metered Generating Facilities.


Find out how to export power

Find out how to sell excess power directly to us or on the open market through our distribution or transmission network. Following are the types of power sales:

  • Distribution. Voltage levels generally below 60 kV, governed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

Learn more about distribution. Visit PG&E distributions qualifications.

  • Transmission. Voltage levels generally of 60 kV or higher, governed by the California Independent System Operator (CAISO) Tariff

Apply to sell power to the wholesale market through our distribution system. Visit Customer Connections Online

Learn more about exporting power. Visit Export Power.


Find out how to request a Pre-Application Report

Learn about the Pre-Application Report and how to obtain certain Distribution System information about your planned interconnection point prior to submitting an Interconnection Application. For more information, download the Pre-Application Report Request guide (PDF, 353 KB).


Learn about possible system upgrade costs

Find out about unit costs for system upgrades that may be needed for generator interconnection. Example projects are provided to show how these unit costs are applied. For more information, download PG&E's Unit Cost Guide (PDF, 371 KB).


Learn about energy storage charging

Find out how PG&E addresses energy storage devices charging from the grid. Since energy storage charges and discharges energy, both aspects need to be addressed for safe and reliable interconnection. For more information, download PG&E's Guide to Energy Storage Charging Issues for Rule 21 Generator Interconnection (PDF, 657 KB).


If you have complaints about your interconnection project and are unable to resolve it with your Interconnection Manager, you can reach out to PG&E's appointed Rule 21 Ombudsman, Michael Mulvey at 916-203-6459 or via email at

To understand interconnection rules and guidelines, view the PG&E’s Rule 21 Tariff (PDF, 19.4 MB).