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From the Pit River country in the Cascade Range to the King's River region in the southern Sierra Nevada, our recreational facilities are ready for you to enjoy. Locations such as Lake Almanor, Lake Spaulding and Lake Britton, are engineered to create clean energy through our hydroelectric system. These sites feature campgrounds and picnic areas. Most of the lakes also offer fishing, swimming and boating.

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Recreation Facility Closures

Due to wildfire damage, the following facilities will be closed for the 2023 recreation season:

  • Camp Conery Group Campground
  • Last Chance Creek Campground
  • Last Chance Creek Group Campground

Reservation System

Reservations for the 2023 recreation season can be made beginning April 10 at 8 a.m. for stays of one full week or longer.
Reservations for stays of less than one week can be made beginning April 17 at 8 a.m.

Some of our campgrounds are first come, first serve only. These campgrounds do not accommodate reservations. Some of our campgrounds are open year-round. For more information on your favorite campground, visit our Reservations and Information page.

*Please note that reservations made between April 10th and April 17th can’t be modified. Cancellation will result in forfeiture of 100% of the associated fees.

2022 Fee Increase

For information regarding our 2022 fee increase please visit FAQ section on our reservation website. Visit our reservations and information webpage.

  • Kilarc Reservoir
    Due to damage sustained during the winter and spring storms, the Kilarc Canal is not operable. After extensive repairs were not successful Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has made the decision to suspend operations at Kilarc Powerhouse. Kilarc Powerhouse is fed by the Kilarc Canal and Kilarc Reservoir. Due to the suspended operations of Kilarc Powerhouse the reservoir has been drained and the recreation area will remain closed until further notice.
  • Grace and Nora Lakes
    Grace and Nora Lake levees have experienced some seepage which has caused PG&E to draw down the reservoirs out of the abundance of caution so a full assessment can be made. A wet winter 2022/23 prevented PG&E from further evaluation but evaluations will resume in late spring 2023. PG&E evaluations could include partially refilling the reservoirs. The lake and recreation amenities remain open
  • Camping season
    Most of our campgrounds are at higher elevations and therefore are not open year-round. Typically, they open in the spring soon after snow melt and they generally close in the fall when temperatures drop and camper use decreases. The actual opening and closing dates for each campground is dependent on the elevation and weather so our estimated dates are subject to change.
  • Reservation season
    Some of our campgrounds offer reservations in addition to first come first serve camping. At these campgrounds, since weather and snow melt are so unpredictable, our reservation season is shorter than our camping season. For example, at a particular campground we may plan to open the gates to first come first serve campers on May 1st but we may not begin our reservation season at that campground until May 20th. We're trying to minimize the chances that we'll have to cancel a reservation you made due to weather conditions or snow melt. Where possible, our typical reservation season starts the Monday before Memorial weekend and closes a week after Labor Day weekend.
  • Please be aware that if we experience extremely dry or hot conditions impacting the PG&E recreation facilities, use of open flames and fire may be restricted or prohibited in accordance with the risk level. View our current restrictions.
  • Cool Springs Campground – Due to damage sustained during winter storms reservations are not available for the 2023 season. The campground is expected to be open on a first come first serve basis once the necessary repairs and safety related work have been completed.

Choose a recreational facility that's close to home or plan a longer trip. Our facilities are located all across the state, and range from sea-level elevations to 8,200 feet. Whether you drive, boat or hike in, the natural beauty is yours to enjoy. We've outlined some ideas for your next trip in this section.

Visit the Pecho Coast and Point Buchon trails

Through our Land Stewardship Program, PG&E preserved areas near the Diablo Canyon Power Plant. Enjoy the natural beauty and ocean vistas along the Central Coast. Find out more about the program and area.

Visit the Pecho Coast Trail and Point Buchon Trail

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