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System inspections

Finding and fixing potential risks to the electric system

Report safety concerns in your area to help keep your community safe.


Nearly one-fourth of our powerlines are in High Fire-Threat District areas. To help keep you safe, we routinely inspect our equipment in these areas to fix potential risks.


We use these inspections to help us manage our equipment repairs. We promptly repair the highest priority issues. Repairs for all other conditions are completed as routine work. Our goal is to make sure our equipment is always safe and reliable.


What to expect during system inspections


During system inspections, you might see PG&E crews or contractors in your neighborhood. 


This work includes:

  • Inspecting electric poles, towers and equipment from the ground up.
  • Climbing poles or towers to closely inspect equipment and powerlines.
  • Inspecting by drone or helicopters, when needed.


We take high-resolution pictures. Then, we review them to find and fix potential risks.



When we conduct system inspections


To help keep customers safe, we inspect all overhead equipment.

  • Distribution equipment in extreme fire-threat areas is inspected every year.
  • Distribution equipment in elevated fire-risk areas is inspected every three years.
  • Transmission and substation facilities are inspected every five years.


Inspection timing may be dependent on weather, access and other factors.

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