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Economic Development Rate (EDR)

Eligible businesses can save with one of three reduced electric rates

What is the EDR?

PG&E developed the Economic Development Rate (EDR) to help businesses grow or maintain jobs in California.

Our EDR offers eligible businesses the opportunity to lower costs through one of three reduced electric rate options.

PG&E is dedicated to enhancing the economic vitality of the communities we serve. We can help whether your business is:

  • Looking to launch in a new location
  • Expanding its existing facility, or
  • Facing financial challenges

Download the Economic Development Incentive fact sheet (PDF)

For more information, email us at economicdevelopment@pge.com.

Commercial or industrial customers can receive an EDR discount of 12 percent, 18 percent or 25 percent on the majority of their electric costs for five years.

  • The standard 12% rate is available throughout our service territory.
  • The enhanced rates of 18% and 25% are available in cities and counties where the annual unemployment rate exceeds the statewide rate.

Download the EDR map. Review PG&E’s Economic Development Rate by city and county. 

  • Commercial and industrial businesses that would locate or expand out-of-state
  • Existing businesses that would cease operations in California without the Economic Development Rate
  • Small businesses below 150kW

  • Create or retain jobs in California.
  • Supply documentation of out-of-state choices or other operational scenarios.
  • Sign an affidavit stating the EDR is an influencing factor in your decision to locate within the PG&E service territory.
  • Implement an energy-reduction plan that achieves a 5% energy savings over the life of the EDR or other types of efficiency.
  • Submit an annual report to PG&E including the number, type of jobs and average salary and benefits for these jobs.
  • Confirm eligibility for rate with the California Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development.

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