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HVAC upgrades can reduce operating expenses, improve the health and comfort of employees and customers, and make businesses more environmentally sustainable. They also meet evolving energy-efficiency requirements.

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  • Variable frequency drives (VFD) for HVAC fans ($80/hp)
    Upgrade your existing HVAC supply, return or exhaust air fans with a VFD that regulates fan speeds based on need instead of operating at a constant rate.
  • Advanced digital economizer control (ADEC) for packaged units ($20/ton)
    By retrofitting your existing or nonfunctional economizer with an ADEC, you can better monitor your HVAC unit’s components and ensure energy efficient operations. Get extra rebates by combining with a CO2 sensor.*
  • Demand control ventilation (DCV) for packaged HVAC units ($40/ton)
    A DCV uses CO2 controls to sense room occupancy and regulates the flow of outside air accordingly.

*Combine ADEC + CO2 sensor + VFD + Permanent Magnet Motor to maximize your rebate options to $194/ton.

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