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Green energy incentives

Find clean energy programs and contractors

Benefits of a clean energy system

Renewable energy technology

A clean energy system has many benefits, including saving you money. Each PG&E program is specific to the renewable energy technology you plan to install and has its own eligibility rules. Compare PG&E clean incentive programs.

Experienced contractors

We can also help you find a contractor who will help you to understand the incentives and which program is right for your needs. Find a contractor.

Options for up-front savings

Incentive program applications are typically completed by your contractor. If you receive incentives, your contractor may discount your up-front costs with your incentive amount for immediate savings. To search for additional incentives, visit the Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency (DSIRE).

Credit for surplus energy

California Assembly Bill 920 allows PG&E and other state utilities to offer payment for surplus energy sent back to the electric grid by your home or business renewable energy systems. Our Net Surplus Compensation (NSC) program is based on this bill. Learn more about NSC.

Non-incentive programs

The following clean technology programs do not offer incentives but may help customers save on their bills. Your contractor will help you understand which program is right for you.

Battery storage

Battery storage is a way to optimize energy by storing power now to use later.

Intereconnection and renewables

Find information on interconnecting a home or business generating system of less than or equal to 30 kilowatts (kW).

More about clean energy

Become a solar advocate

Learn about the Local Green Saver program benefits and how you can help your community by becoming a sponsor.

Go solar

Find clean energy incentives and programs to help you save energy and money. Get an estimate of the size and cost of the system you need to power your home. 

Use the solar calculator

Get a quick estimate of the size and cost of system you need to power your home.