Attract and retain tenants while reducing operating costs

PG&E energy efficiency programs and products can:

  • Increase comfort for tenants and their employees
  • Enhance your facility’s reliability and profit
  • Help ensure compliance with regulatory mandates
  • Support LEED® and ENERGY STAR® certification and demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

Discover our office building programs

The following are programs designed to increase energy efficiency in office buildings.

Find the right solutions for your office building

Following are solutions that can increase your building’s energy efficiency:

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Learn about LED lighting solutions for office buildings

The following LED lighting solutions can enhance your property:


  • Accent and directional lighting
  • Exterior area lighting
  • Troffers and integrated troffer retrofit kits
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Improve tenants’ comfort

You can enhance your tenants’ comfort with advanced rooftop HVAC controls including:

  • Advanced digital economizer controls
  • Demand control ventilation
  • Enhanced ventilation control
Visit Tips and How-To's

Try these easy, energy-saving tips in your building

Small changes to your building’s energy use can add up to big savings and may not even be noticeable to your building’s occupants, for example:

  • Reduce run time or turn off features such as fountains, decorative lighting and ambient audio and video displays.
  • Turn off ceiling and room fans and increase temperature settings.
  • Reduce your building’s external airflow by temporarily using ventilation control to lessen the demand on cooling systems.