Keep costs under control with energy management

As you focus on key priorities like hiring the right teachers, serving students and maintaining your campus, our energy efficiency programs, products and partners can help you make energy-efficiency improvements to reduce your annual operating costs.


Our school programs and key products can:

  • Assist facilities with stretching maintenance dollars by providing incentives and rebates
  • Increase learning environment comfort for students while decreasing energy use
  • Help run more energy-efficient campuses
  • Increase safety with installed LED exterior lighting and controls

We also have resources to help your public school take full advantage of Prop 39 funds. Visit Gain energy efficiency through Prop 39 funds.

Discover college and university programs

Following are college and university programs and resources:

Colleges and Investor Owned Utility Energy Efficiency

California Community Colleges/Investor Owned Utility Energy Efficiency Partnership

This statewide partnership program provides financial incentives and project support for energy efficiency improvements.

Energy Efficiency Partnership

UC/CSU Energy Efficiency Partnership

This statewide program establishes a permanent framework to achieve immediate, sustainable, long-term energy savings and peak demand reduction.

Get tips to help your campus reduce costs through energy efficiency

Follow these tips for greater energy efficiency:


  • Light and cool only occupied spaces. Use sensors and time switches to help reduce energy use in infrequently inhabited rooms, such as auditoriums and break rooms.
  • Optimize your energy management system to reflect usage, changing weather and peak electric situations.
  • Replace older lighting systems with higher efficacy lighting choices that have dimming capability for energy savings and safety.
  • Shut down all electronics nightly including computers, speakers, printers, and charging stations.
  • Visit Are Energy Vampires Sucking You Dry?
  • Explore our energy efficiency tips and instructions. Visit Tips and How-To's.