Financial incentives for non-residential customers installing battery storage or generation equipment

Who is this program for?

The Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) enables customers greater access to battery storage through a financial rebate. Currently, the rebate is 15-20% of the average battery cost. Any PG&E customer can apply for this program.

Benefits for battery storage

  • Customers can make their business more resilient during a power outage or a Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) event.
  • Pairing your battery with solar can enable you to recharge during the day – as long there is sufficient sunshine – to further extend your business’ backup power. How long your system will provide backup power depends on your battery size, critical energy needs and, if paired with rooftop solar, weather conditions. Talk to a battery storage provider to learn more about your specific needs and options.

  • Your battery can charge when electricity is cheaper and discharge electricity for use when electricity from PG&E’s grid is more expensive. When paired with solar, a battery can help you get the most bill savings under Net Energy Metering and optimize the carbon-reduction impacts from your solar system. PG&E recommends you review the expected financial return on adopting batteries prior to investing in a system.

Information to share with your installer:

  • To apply for SGIP incentives: complete the online application.
  • Project developers who wish to apply should complete the SGIP Developer Registration Form.
  • Whether you’re applying for battery storage incentives, generation incentives, or both, please navigate to each tab to learn more about base incentives, eligibility, and timing to apply.


Base IncentivesEligibility CriteriaTiming to Apply

General Market (GM) incentives decrease based on the funds still available. To track the current GM incentive “step”, please visit the statewide SGIP site and select the budget category of interest (Large-Scale Storage).
Please note: your base incentive may increase or decrease depending on several factors. Please see the FAQs section below to learn more.

To receive Large-Scale General Market incentives: the customer is either Commercial, Government, or Non-Profit

Large-Scale General Market incentives are currently available in PG&E’s territory. Updates can be found in the statewide announcements page.

PG&E wants to help you fund your self-generation project. Please see eligibility, incentives, application openings, and qualifying equipment below.


Customer Eligibility CriteriaIncentive LevelTiming to apply

PG&E customers are eligible if the equipment is considered “Qualified” or “Qualified if with 100% biogas” (see below)

To track the current Renewable Generation incentive, please visit the statewide SGIP site and select the budget category of interest (Generation).

Renewable Generation incentives are currently available in PG&E’s territory. Updates can be found in the statewide announcements page.


QualifiedQualified if with 100% biogasNot Qualified
  • Wind turbines
  • Onsite biogas or directed biogas or vented biogas
  • Pressure reduction turbines
  • Fuel cells
  • Internal combustion engines
  • Microturbines
  • Gas turbines
  • Solar
  • Flaring biogas otherwise known as use/collect/destroy biogas or use/collect/destroy biomethane baseline

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