Simplify management of your properties

The Property Management Portal is a web portal designed specifically for landlords, property managers and energy managers. The portal reflects the way you manage your rental properties. It also allows you to consolidate all your properties into a single view and to perform administrative activities online such as:

  • Assigning specified responsibilities for a property to a property management firm or an energy management company
  • Ensuring that any vacant units transition smoothly and automatically to billing on your account to prevent interruptions in service
  • Reviewing who is responsible for PG&E charges for your units in near real time

Whether you perform these tasks yourself or hire a property manager, the Property Management Portal  is a convenient way to handle energy-related activities online with PG&E.

Using the Property Management Portal

To use the portal, follow these steps:

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Set up your username and password

Create a landlord username and password.
Visit the Registration Page or Sign In

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Locate your buildings

Find the buildings you want to manage through the Property Management Portal by entering the addresses. Review all the units for each building to verify the list is complete or add any missing units.

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Choose a property management firm

Select the firm and complete the property manager authorization if you want a property management firm to manage some buildings on your behalf.

Get help

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