Simplify energy management for your portfolio

The Property Management Portal is a web portal designed specifically for landlords, property managers and energy managers. The portal reflects the way you analyze energy use for your properties. It also allows you to consolidate all your managed properties into a single view and to perform administrative activities online such as:

  • Assigning specified responsibilities for a property to individuals on your staff
  • Reviewing who is responsible for PG&E charges for services you are evaluating in near real time.

The Property Management Portal also acts as a gateway to Your Account features, including downloading of usage and billing data, rate analysis, what-if analysis and suggested ways to save.

Using the Property Management Portal

To use the portal, follow these steps:

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Set up your username and password

Create a username and password for your energy management company. This is required so that a landlord will be able to assign properties to you.
Visit the Registration Page or Sign In

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Let others know you've registered

Notify the owners or landlords that you are registered for the portal so they can assign buildings to you in the Property Management Portal. Review all the units for each building assigned to you and verify the list is complete or add any missing units.

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Start assigning

Assign buildings to your staff for energy management purposes.

Get help

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