Pipeline safety

PG&E is committed to building the safest and most reliable gas system in the nation, so that we can continue to provide the energy that our customers will depend on for many decades to come.

Safer pipelines across our state


PG&E has pipeline safety programs


PG&E has numerous pipeline safety programs, policies and procedures in place to ensure the safety of our customers, employees and the public.


  • Pipeline access: Maintaining the area above our pipelines and ensuring crews have ready access is a key part of our ability to safely operate the system.
  • Regional pipelines: Larger-diameter transmission pipelines carry natural gas across our state.
  • Neighborhood pipelines: Smaller-diameter distribution pipelines serve local homes and businesses.
  • Maintenance and monitoring: No matter the size, we monitor our system status in real time on a 24-hour basis, and through regular surveys and patrols.