Solar Choice Rate Calculator

When you enroll in the Solar Choice program, you remain on your existing electric rate plan and pay a modest additional fee on a per kWh basis for clean solar power. The fee depends on your type of service, rate plan and enrollment level. You can choose to have 50% or 100% of your monthly electricity usage to be generated via solar projects. Use our calculator to determine your additional monthly fee. It’s helpful to have your PG&E bill available to figure out your monthly usage.

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DISCLAIMER: Rates are subject to change annually and as approved by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC). The estimated additional cost per month is for illustrative purposes only and PG&E cannot guarantee the accuracy of the estimated cost. Your additional monthly cost for participating in PG&E's Solar Choice will vary, based on your actual electric usage. The estimated additional cost per month does not include other fees such as local utility user taxes, certain other taxes, surcharges and fees. PG&E's Solar Choice rate per kWh has been rounded to two decimal places for presentation purposes. For complete rates, review electric rate schedule E-GT (PDF, 383 KB).